Linden Avenue
Carpinteria, California, USA

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Welcome to Linden Avenue!

For our CyberFair 2001 project, we wanted to show how life in Carpinteria is reflected in this special street, which runs right through the heart of our town. We hope you enjoy exploring it!

Walking Tour Walking Tour
Our walking tour gives you an up-close view of the stores, restaurants, and other places along the street. A good place to start is the tour's map.
From the Air From the Air
Our band teacher, Mr. Nevens, is a pilot, so we were able to get some great pictures from his airplane. Read Katie H.'s article to find out more about Linden from the Air.
Linden Events Events
Lots of special events happen along Linden Avenue, like the Avocado Festival and the Farmers Market. Find out more on our Events page.
Linden History History
The people at the Carpinteria Valley Museum of History gave us permission to use their pictures to tell you about Linden Avenue's history, and the Coastal View, Carpinteria's weekly newspaper, let us scan the images from their calendar.
Linden Artwork Artwork
We had a lot of fun making pictures of our favorite places on Linden. Be sure to check out our Artwork page.
Virtual Linden Virtual Linden
If you have a fast Internet connection and a recent browser, you should try our Virtual Linden page. We used software from PixAround to make a Java applet that lets you view 360-degree panoramas from four locations along Linden.