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Blue Pacific Surf Shop Interview

An interview with the owner!

Dalton B. and George Manuras, owner of Blue Pacific Surf Shop.
Dalton B. and George Manuras, owner of Blue Pacific Surf Shop.

1. What is your name? “George Manuras.”

2. How long has Blue Pacific been in business? “Blue Pacific has been in business for 9 years.”

3. Are you enemies with the other surf shop, Rincon Designs? “No, I think between the two stores it just creates a competitive environment.”

4. How many staff members work here. “There are about four people who help me out.”

5. Do you like working here? “Yes, I enjoy retail very much and feel lucky to work in a place that involves a sport that I enjoy doing.”

6. How is business going? “Business is going well. I have three stores as of now and plan on opening a fourth by the end of this year.”

7. Are you ever going to quit this job? “No, not for now. I plan on being in retail for at least a few more years.”

8. Have you ever had rude customers? Yes, there is the occasional rude customer every once in a while, but what you learn in retail is that the customer is always right.”

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