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The Palms and the Palm Trees of Linden Ave.

There is a long, pretty row of palm trees on Linden Avenue. They have been here a long time. They're cool. The trees are really, really tall. A man named H.J. Laughlin planted them in front of his hotel called The White Sulpher Hotel in 1887. Some time later the hotel burnt down, but the trees are still standing. Now The Palms restaurant is there. The palm tress are a historical landmark in Carpinteria. They are Historical Landmark Number 3. The palm trees were planted 114 years ago! Here are some of the pictures we drew and some of the stories we wrote:
By Justin G.
By Justin G. (Image by Justin G.)

Old Carpinteria

By Tanner R.

H.J. Laughlin made a hotel called "The White Sulpher" in 1887. Some time later "The White Sulpher" was torn down and The Palms was built in the White Sulpher's place! In 1887 H. J. Laughlin planted a long row of palm trees. The palm trees were planted 114 years ago! If you walk down Linden Ave. today they are still standing. The palm trees are historical landmarks.
By Juan G.
By Juan G. (Image by Juan G.)

Old Carpinteria

By Veronica P.

If you walk by Linden Ave., you can see the restaurant named "The Palms.'' There used to be a hotel that H. J. Laughlin built. The hotel was called "The White Sulpher'' hotel. It was built in 1887. The palm trees are still there. Years ago the hotel was burned down. H. J. Laughlin planted the palm trees in front of his hotel. The hotel was only burned down from the front. Now these palm trees are historical.
By Erin H.
By Erin H. (Image by Erin H.)

The Palms

By Jeremy S.

In 1887 H. J. Laughlin came to Carpinteria and built a hotel called The White Sulpher Hotel. It stood on Linden Avenue. When H.J. Laughlin built the hotel he planted some palm trees in front of his hotel. Seven years later the hotel burned down. Now the Palms restaurant stands there. People like the palm trees because the palm trees are growing tall. They are also known to be historical landmark number 3.

By Alex A.
By Alex A. (Image by Alex A.)

Palm Trees

By Erin H.

H. J. Laughlin built the White Sulpher Hotel 114 years ago. He planted a long row of palm trees. They still stand there today in 2001. The palm trees stand in front of the Palms Restaurant. The palm trees are tall and thin. Now these trees are an historical landmark.

By Jeremy S.
By Jeremy S. (Image by Jeremy S.)

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