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The Palms By Matthew R.

The Palms have been in business for 48 years. For 35 years now the customers can cook their own steaks.

The same family has owned it for 46 years. There is a lot of history. The building is 95 years old (it used to be a hotel). The palm trees are 100 years old. The building was burned down in 1906. They rebuilt it and it was severaly damaged in 1920 by an earthquake. It was again rebuilt and has been a restaurant for 48 years.

Tim the bartender has worked at The Palms three and a half years, but their family has owned it for 40 years. Ken Anderson's mother was the original owner, but now Ken owns The Palms.

Typed by Lucero, in Mrs. Nakasone's class.

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The Palms Restaurant

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Matthew R.