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Linden Artwork -- Part I

Here are some of the pictures we created to show our favorite views of Linden Avenue.

Dolphins on Linden Avenue.
Dolphins on Linden Avenue. (Image by Julia C.)
The way I got the idea for this drawing was watching people shop down Linden Avenue. They reminded me of dolphins. The dolphins in the picture represent people. They reminded me of dolphins because we live by the sea.

By Vanessa M.
By Vanessa M. (Image by Vanessa M.)
Here is my picture of the palm trees. We learned about the old days of Carpinteria. In my picture I have The Palms restaurant too.

By Nolan N.
By Nolan N. (Image by Nolan N.)
This is a picture of Robitailles Candy Store. I chose it because it stands out on Linden Avenue. I like their store.

The Seal Fountain.
The Seal Fountain. (Image by Michael K.)
The seal fountain is a nice place to go if you have never seen it before. You can't miss it because it is right in front of Vons.

The Farmers Market on Linden Ave.
The Farmers Market on Linden Ave. (Image by Katie H.)
This picture is of the farmers market on Linden Ave. As you can see in the picture there are strawberries, flowers, vegetables, nuts, apples, and honey.

By Samantha W.
By Samantha W. (Image by Samantha W.)
I drew dolphins on this picture because dolphins are one of my favorite animals. One time I went to the beach and saw real dolphins.

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