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Linden Artwork -- Part II (The Palms)

Here are more of our favorite views of Linden Avenue. These pictures all show The Palms Restaurant.

By Miriam R.
By Miriam R. (Image by Miriam R.)
I drew this picture because the palm trees were there for a long time. The Palms Restaurant is there also.

By Jeremy S.
By Jeremy S. (Image by Jeremy S.)
This is the Palms Restaurant where the hotel used to be. I drew it because we were doing a project on the palm trees.

By Alex A.
By Alex A. (Image by Alex A.)
These are the big palm trees. I think my picture is cool, and I hope you think so too.

By Erin H.
By Erin H. (Image by Erin H.)
I had fun doing this project. I used lots of colors in it to make it nice. I outlined it to make it show.

By Juan G.
By Juan G. (Image by Juan G.)
Here is a picture of the famous palm trees. I'm really proud of this picture being on the website.

By Justin G.
By Justin G. (Image by Justin G.)
My picture is of the palm trees. We learned good information about the trees. I hope somebody else learns about them.

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