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Linden Avenue Media Adventure

Aaron H. showing his PixAround tour of Linden Ave.
Aaron H. showing his PixAround tour of Linden Ave.
I decided to help Aaron our technician and Mrs. Cole make a video out of pictures of Linden Avenue. We were going to start on February 28 at 6:30 a.m. but it rained so we had donuts at Reynaldos. We again tried to do it at lunch when it didnít rain but then when we took the pictures there were some problems like cars half in one picture and none in the other. So the next day Aaron decided to make a video with a digital camcorder. We drove down the street really slow at 5 mph and recorded both sides of the street and found out we needed 360 degree pictures. The pictures were so close that you could see half of a person mixed with another!

We kept on thinking about how to make the video until another idea came, this time we took pictures slowly at a 360 degree turn at the lifeguard tower at the end of Linden. It was perfect; it didnít even have any rain clouds or cars that were moving (our biggest problem)!

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Aaron H.