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Linden Avenue Events

A lot of special things happen on and around Linden Avenue during the year. Here are some of them:

The Avocado Festival The Avocado Festival
Every October we shut down Linden Avenue for a whole weekend to celebrate the Avocado Festival.
Farmer's Market The Farmer's Market
Farming is an important part of Carpinteria, and one of the best things about that is the farmer's market that happens every Thursday afternoon.
Aaron H.'s Linden Media Adventure Aaron H.'s Linden Media Adventure
One of the exciting things that happened recently on Linden Avenue was that all us students went all over taking pictures for this project. Aaron H. wanted to tell you about his adventure taking images for the Virtual Linden feature.
Parades Parades
We have two main parades on Linden Avenue each year: the Christmas Parade and the Independence Day Parade.
The Seaside Shuttle The Seaside Shuttle
Carpinteria recently established an electric shuttle bus service. The buses run up and down Linden each day.