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Who Made This Site?

The entire student body was invited to participate in Cyberfair 2001. Our school is third through fifth grades. We even had help from a few first and second graders from our sister school.

We descended upon Linden Ave. with cameras and notepads in hand. Some of us interviewed store owners individually. Some of us went with our teachers or parent volunteers to get pictures and information for our website.

You can browse a list of participants in the Main School CyberFair 2001 project by following the teacher links below:

Main School:
Mrs. Foley's class
Mr. Fredricks' class
Mrs. Gravitz's class
Miss Kahler's class
Mrs. Leffew's class
Mrs. Lopez's class
Mrs. Nakasone's class
Mr. Riley's class
Mrs. Stout's class
Mr. Weiberg's class
Mrs. White's class
Miss Young's class

Canalino School:
Canalino Teachers