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Resources Used in Making This Site

We used a variety of information sources to create our site. Some business owners came to our school to be interviewed. Most of the students interviewed and photographed the owners at their locations. We gathered information and photos on 65 locations on Linden Ave.

We used the following hardware and software: digital & 35mm cameras, scanner, Adobe Photoshop, PixAround, MS Word, Notepad, SWISH-E, HTML, and Internet/Email.

Registration of the domain name and hosting for our site was generously donated by Greg Domeno, owner of Cyberverse Inc.

Free software tools we used in creating our project included the SWISH-E Web search engine, MySQL database software, and the Perl programming language.

The photographs and information for our history page were provided by the Carpinteria Valley Museum of History, (805) 684-3122. Permission to use the materials was granted by David Griggs. We scanned the images from a calendar provided by the Coastal View, Carpinteria's weekly newspaper.

The postcard photograph featuring Beach Liquors/Tacos to Go was used with the permission of Daniel Mathews Studio, (805) 566-2957.

Special Thanks

In addition to those mentioned above, we would like to thank the following people who helped with our project: Debbie Hosseini, Angela White, Aaron LaPlante, John Callender, Justine Hosseini (former student), Katie H. (student), Aaron H. (student), Alec R. (student), Lynley Rosa, Dr. Jimmy Campos, Mrs. Valerie Campos, Julie Cole, Paul Foley, Lori Pearce, Julie Soto, Matt Murray, Loriann Valverde, Dani Hahn, Sally Van Der Kar, all the teachers and the staff at Main School, and all the spouses of those who helped out!

Student Artists

Steven B.-drew the pictures for the directional navigation buttons on the walking tour.

Michael K.-drew the seal fountain that is used as the logo for our site.

Finally, we want to thank again all the owners and employees of the businesses we profiled. We could not have done it without your help. Thank you all very much!