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Here are some of our favorite feedback emails:

First, as a long time educator, I want to compliment you on this extraordinary project. The experience should serve Carpinteria students for years to come. Thank you for your contribution to this community. Thanks again.

Mr. & Mrs. Halvorsen, Prufrock's Garden Inn by the Beach

Dear Mrs. Cole and the students in your class: Congratulations on a beautiful and informative website. I feel as if I have been to Linden Avenue. You are lucky to have such a lovely and historic place to live.

David L. Murphy, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Both Lin Graf (Chamber Executive Director) and I love the site! We plan to link it to our website (which is,

Mary Crowley

The site is great! I will e-mail all of my friends and family to look at it. Good job - I know it was a lot of work. I love the site! Thank you!

Kendy Mullenary, Owner of Kendz

Main School students you have done an excellent job of depicting downtown Carpinteria. It is also fun to see the perspective from your viewpoint. I think this is great for tourism in our community. Sincerely,

Cristina Martin

I would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the CyberFair featuring Linden Ave. Fantastic job! I recently had to move from Carpinteria my hometown. I viewed Linden Ave. with nostalgia. I came to Carpinteria as a girl of five and walked the same halls as you for my first years in school. I remember when the palm trees were much shorter than they are now in front of the Palms. I remember our train station (which I will always miss). I will remember the Spot. My aunt wanted to buy it many years ago to make it a taco stand. I remember when we had concession stands down on the beach at Linden. I remember the dances they held at the "foot" of Linden and the battles of the bands. I remember Foster's Ice cream, which used to be next to where the Cadillac Cafe is, and the HUGE cones they had. I also remember when the Cadillac Cafe used to be called Papy's. I remember when there was a Shell gas station, which stood in the place where the Bistro is today. I remember the tall water tower, which stood where the parking lot of the Bank of America is now, that proclaimed Carpinteria. I remember the Mill's Drug store that was on the opposite corner from the water tower. I remember the end of Linden that had a raft strung by a huge rope where it extended more than 100 ft. offshore and you could see the pier to the left of it, the one that was lost because of a large flood that hit Carpinteria in the very early 50's. I also remember there were horse watering troughs with salt licks in several locations along the Ave. There was also a doll shop run by Ms. Wulbrandt near Austin's Hardware (Omwegs). She repaired dolls and they were beautiful. I live in Buellton now which isn't so far that I can't come and visit Carpinteria.

Well I must not ramble on. I will not forget my Linden Avenue.

Lorenna Charlotte Rose Vance Carreno Sanchez (Mrs. Angela Carreno White's mother)

Great job Julia C.! I enjoyed the pictures, the comments and the interview with you! You will be such a successful lady in whatever you choose to do... I can tell!

Fabulous... good luck... you are already winners!

Deanna Quintanilla, Owner, The Coffee Grinder

Congratulations from Down Under! We have just viewed your website and found it to be very impressive indeed! We enjoyed walking down Linden Avenue and visiting the shops. We even thought we might order some fish and chips from the Fish Barrel menu. Of course in Australia we call shrimp 'prawns'. Robina State School is about 5 kilometres from the beaches on the Gold Coast of Australia and we think our weather is similar to California's. Congratulations on producing such a fantastic site and good luck in the competition! Year 5MB

Robina State School, Pam Molnar

Nice looking informative web site.

Werner Hundt, Alexander Taron Importer

That is really great. You could spend the day at this site. I hope to be able to spend more time. Who took all the photographs? They are really good.

Geri Campopiano- Carpinteria! is truly incredible! It is faster and better than many professional sites that I have visited before. What a wonderful learning experience for the students at Main School. You must be so proud.

Gary Campopiano- Carpinteria

This is a wonderful website. I was planning a quick look but stayed longer and visited all the pictures and information. Very impressive. Congratulations to everyone who brought this website to life!

Fred Schram-Claremont, CA

A captivating site and one, which makes me, want to go back to school and start all over again. The Hotspot transitions were terrific. Hope you will continue to develop more of these with your future students.

Your students did a great job! We need you to send them up here to Canada and teach us how to do it!

Pat and Ann Little

The kids did a great job and learned something useful in the process. The skills they've developed will help them get ahead in the future.

Bob Jordan

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