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Linden Avenue From the Air -- Part I

Carpinteria from TerraServer (
Carpinteria from TerraServer (
Here is an aerial photo of Carpinteria from the TerraServer Web site. TerraServer has pictures that are free for the public to use. The TerraServer images were taken by a plane flying 20,000 feet up. You can actually see where Linden Avenue is in this picture if you look carefully and you know what to look for.

Linden Ave. as seen from 20,000 ft. (from
Linden Ave. as seen from 20,000 ft. (from
Here is a closer view of Carpinteria from the TerraServer site. You can see Linden Avenue stretching from the upper righthand corner to the lower lefthand corner. Mr. Callender, a parent volunteer, shared these TerraServer photos with our class at the beginning of our project. We thought the aerial photos would be nice to use on our Web site, but wanted some that were closer, so you could really see Linden Avenue.

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