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Carpinteria, California, USA

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The State Beach Park from Linden Avenue.

The State Beach Park

Carpinteria, CA 93013
Ph: (800) 444-PARK (7275) or (805) 684-2811

Carpinteria's State Beach provides camping, hiking, site seeing, swimming, surfing, and a variety of activities.

Carpinteria State Beach since 1864

The State Beach Park from Linden Avenue, looking across the railroad tracks toward the warehouses. The State Beach Park from Linden Avenue. Camping Reservation Guide
by the State of California Parks Service Even in the 1920's, Carpinteria State Beach Park was popular, when tents were the only camping option. The park currently attracts more than 700,000 visitors a year. Carpinteria's beaches have become very popular. Some campers setting up at the State Beach in 'sunny' January 2001. Josie's mom takes our picture while we hold some shells. A view of the ocean looking south. Josie, Celene, and Carmen stand at the entrance to the Carpinteria State Beach. Celene P., Carmen V. & Josie R. point out the rules for state park visitors. Because of the way our coastline is situated, the ocean is south-west. The seals were playing in the water, but we couldn't catch their faces. Carpinteria State Beach looking to the south. Carpinteria State Beach from the air! Heading towards the beach on Linden Avenue. The Carpinteria State Beach Parking The crosswalk leading to the State Beach Park from Linden Ave. and Dorrance Way (in front of The Spot).