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Carpinteria, California, USA

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Blum & Sons Electric.

Blum and Sons Electric, Inc.

606 Linden Ave.
Carpinteria, CA 93013
Ph: (805) 684-1010
Fax: (805) 684-2260

Blum & Sons Electric installs everything that has to do with electricity from wiring to hardware.

Blum & Sons Electric

Wally Blum answers interview questions. This view of Linden Ave. might make this Blum & Sons employee crave Tony's Pizza. With blueprints to work on this view of Rincon Design might generate thoughts of the beach.  Work now play later. These trucks can be seen cruising all over Carpinteria. Mrs. White class piles in for a group shot in the BIG TRUCK! When you call Blum & Sons Electric you'll most likely speak to Sarah Smith first. This plan shows some of the work being done for University of California at Santa Barbara by Blum & Sons. These rolls of blueprints represent hours and hours of work for Blum & Sons Electric. These trucks drive up and down Linden Avenue daily. Josef Sr.(on the right) in the back of the Blum & Sons shop. Daisy H. hides from the camera. Mrs. White's class poses in front of Blum & Sons. These wires and pipes at Blum and Sons will soon be out to good use. Next time you see this logo, you'll know why there are four sets of feet. Blum & Sons employees use computers everyday in their work place.

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