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Julia tries to avoid having her picture taken.

Julia C.

I like to swim. I am on the Carpinteria Swim Team. My favorite stroke is freestyle because I don't have to work really hard to swim it.

I only started swimming again recently after taking a few months off. In December, I had surgery on my heart. I had to have surgery in UCLA. One of the best things about that was that I got to spin around and around in a wheelchair. My surgeon's name was Dr. Hillel Laks.

One of my favorite hobbies is art. I mostly like to use acrylic paint and do ceramics.

By the way, that picture up there is me trying to run away from the camera flash.

My teacher is Mr. Riley.

The Coffee Grinder's Story

Customers and waitress at the Coffee Grinder. Some of the special coffees and teas they sell at the Coffee Grinder. Some of the special merchandise they sell at the Coffee Grinder. Some of the special merchandise they sell at the Coffee Grinder. Deanna (one of the owners of the Coffee Grinder) and her daughter. The Coffee Grinder from across the street. The Coffee Grinder's logo/sign. The window of the Coffee Grinder. Dolphins on Linden Avenue. The order window at The Spot. View looking inside the order window at The Spot. Cooking at The Spot. Some of the friendly people who work at The Spot. An Amtrak passenger train pulling into the Carpinteria station. Passengers getting off the Amtrak train at the Carpinteria station. The State Beach Park from Linden Avenue. The State Beach Park from Linden Avenue. The State Beach Park from Linden Avenue, looking across the railroad tracks toward the warehouses. The crosswalk leading to the State Beach Park from Linden Ave. and Dorrance Way (in front of The Spot). The outdoor seating is a favorite place to eat at The Spot. You can talk to the manager of Rainbow Ice Cream to find out more information about Carpinteria Television. They can fix your TV or VCR. Two of the many football helmets displayed at The Zone. The one on the right was worn by The Zone's owner when he was in school. Two of the big-screen TVs that are always showing sports at The Zone. A Chicago Bulls jersey autographed by Michael Jordan. It is on display at The Zone. The pool table in The Zone's game room. This is where they make the french fries at The Zone. Surfboard and gumball machine at The Zone. Part of the menu at The Zone. Some of the yummy items you can order at The Deli House. Preparing food at The Deli House. Outdoor seating on the patio behind The Deli House. The sign outside The Deli House. The sign on the side of the building at CII Technologies/Kilovac Division. Some interesting electrical components inside the window at CII Technologies/Kilovac. An electric-vehicle charger outside CII Technologies/Kilovac. Some of the interesting signs on the wall of CII Technologies/Kilovac. Blum & Sons Electric from across the street. Blum & Sons Electric. Vons from across the street. Vons from across the street. We wanted to take pictures inside Moondoggies, but we weren't allowed! The window of Moondoggies. Some of the movie posters in Linden Home Video. Candy for sale at Linden Home Video. Behind the counter at Linden Home Video. Our server at The Zone. An interesting mirror inside Cajun Kitchen. Our friendly waitress at Cajun Kitchen. Here is a view of the kitchen at Cajun Kitchen. Some pretty flowers on the counter at Cajun Kitchen. When you look out your window at Cajun Kitchen, you see the beautiful plants at Dandelion Blues. Outdoor seating at Cajun Kitchen. Kendz from across the street. Kendz' storefront window. A pretty wreath on the door to Kendz. Some of the interesting items inside the front window at Kendz. Inside the front window at Kendz. Paul Beaulieu, on the right, is the owner of Cadillac Cafe. His brother Oscar is on the left. The counter at Cadillac Cafe. Cadillac Cafe has lots of interesting pictures of Cadillacs on the walls. I really like this picture on the wall at Cadillac Cafe. My hot cocoa at Cadillac Cafe. This is the menu at Cadillac Cafe. I like how all the sections of the menu have a car theme. Carpinteria Television does not actually have a storefront on Linden Avenue, but you can talk to the manager of Rainbow Ice Cream to contact them.