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Here I am during the inspection of the plane before takeoff.

Katie H.

Katie’s Personal Page!

My name is Katie H. I am in the 5th grade at Main Elementary School. I am 11 years old. I have one brother, Kevin who is 6 and one sister, Justine who is 13. I have lived in Carpinteria for almost four years. Before I lived in Carpinteria I lived in Bakersfield. I like it much better here. I like to dance and play tennis. I do jazz, acrobatics, ballet and tap dance. I love to read. My favorite books for this school year are the Harry Potter books and My Friend Flicka. I play the flute; I have been playing for three years now. I like to bead and play board games. I spend most of my free time making crafts and reading. I collect rocks and foreign/old money. I like a lot of foreign foods, like Indian food and Iranian food.

My teacher is Mr. Fredericks.

Linden Avenue From the Air -- Part I
Farmer's Market with Katie H. and Camille R.
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Waiting for takeoff with Pilot Lang Nevens. Computer teacher Mrs. Cole and her husband Dave wait while pilot Nevens prepares for takeoff.  Pilot Nevens is checking the fuel in the plane before takeoff!  Dave Cole seems very interested in this part. Flowers at farmers market, 2001. Fresh honey at Farmers Market, 2001. Live music at Farmers Market, 2001. Strawberrys at Farmers Market, late January, 2001. Flowers at Farmers Market, January 2001. Foothills at the end of Linden Ave. Linden Ave. foothills up close. Johannes Flowers Inc. Growers & Shippers The Skate Park is located very close to Linden Avenue. A view of the Skate Park through the fence. Curtis Studio of Dance Nutcracker Float from the Christmas Parade in December of 2000. Carpinteria Beautiful (a nonprofit group that beautifies Carpinteria) in the Christmas Parade in December 2000. Christine, Katie H. and Ellie H. at the Christmas Parade in December 2000. The Farmers Market on Linden Ave. Marianna M.