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Camille R

Camille R.

My name is Camille and I am in Mr. Fredericks' class. I like Mr. Fredericks because he is nice and funny. I like the ways he teaches things. Some things I like to do are to play soccer, dance, roller blade, and going to the beach with my friends. I play the piano and I also play tennis. My favorite books are the Harry Potter books. I have one brother who is eight years old. He also goes to Main School.

My teacher is Mr. Fredericks.

Farmer's Market with Katie H. and Camille R.

Bluffs Fundraiser Booth at Farmers Market in the afternoon.  Late January, 2001. Eggs and bread at Farmers Market, 2001. Plants at Framers Market, January 2001. You can buy plenty of produce at Farmers Market. Fresh organic vegetables at Farmers Market, 2001.