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Alec A. R. at the scanner!

Alec R.

The thing I like most about Mrs. Nakasone's class is the prizes you can earn if you have the most table points. Some of my favorite things to do are: playing with my Playstation. I like to hang out with my friends.

I liked taking the pictures for CyberFair. My favorite part of CyberFair was scanning the pictures into the computer.

My teacher is Mrs. Nakasone.


State Farm Insurance Company
Shangri-La Restaurant
Homestead Antiques & Trading Co.
Magpie Antique Store
Farmer's Market with Katie H. and Camille R.

The interior of the store Inside Magpie Magpie Magpie Front window of Homestead Antiques Inside Homestead Antiques Owner of Homestead Antiques Homestead Antiques Alec R's mom talking to the owner of Magpie Flowers at Farmer's Market More Flowers at Farmer's Market Austin's forklift.