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Scott A.

Scott A.

Welcome to Scott's Home Page!

My hobbies are...

1. Playing Game boy.

2. Playing computer games.

3. Skateboarding with my friends.

4. Watching movies.

5. Reading good books.

6. Having parties.

My favorite foods are:

Ice cream.

Hawaiian pizza.

Home made chocolate chip cookies.

In-N-Out cheese burgers.

Taco Bell nachos and burritos.

McDonalds french fries.

My teacher is Miss Young.

Avocado Festival

Michael Katz the famous storyteller is finishing his story at the Avocado Festival. Mr. Avocado Head from the California Avocado Commission is representing Calavo! This is where they hold most all of the contests, like the avocado art contest and the growing contest. This is the AYSO booth. They are offering sign ups to anyone who wants to play soccer.